MHJ_Vol41_Cover_pdf__1_page_The 2013 volume of the Melbourne Historical Journal includes:

Feature articles

Marilyn Lake 
Researching Australian History in the New York Public Library: Reflections on Transnational history in practice

Geoff Eley
What does it all mean and What difference can it Make? A conversation with Geoff Eley

Graduate articles

Jonathan Ratcliff
Aesop and the Fall of Moravia, Or how to save the Byzantine Empire

Kali Myers
Colonial Landscapes: From Historical Trauma to Mythic History 1850-2013

Mark Emmerson
Gold Ink and Bitter Disappointment: Swedish Journalist Corfitz Cronqvist in Australasia 1857-95

Alison Clark
Conflict and the Christison Collection: Representing history in a museum exhibition

James P Lesh
The Curious Case of the dog in the City: Melbourne’s Larry La Trobe

Written by mhj