We have released the 2015 volume of the Melbourne Historical Journal. 

Number 43 includes:

Ross Gibson
‘Who Knows the Weather?’: the Memory of Greg Dening

Andrew J. May
History at the Crossroads: A Melbourne Story

Rohan Lloyd
‘Wealth of the Reef’: the Entanglement of Economic and Environmental Values in Early Twentieth Century Representations of the Great Barrier Reef.

Rula Paterson
History in Stone: the Work of The Victorian Historical Memorials Committee

Julia Smart
‘An Ignoble End to All Our Brilliant Aspirations’: Australian POW Memoirists of the First World War and the Transition from Soldier to Captive

Kerrie Handasyde
Holy Land Tourism: A Horseback Ride from Public Theology to Private Faith

James Kirby
‘Our Ideals Must Guide Us, not Blind Us’: Examining the Abuse of Human Rights in Tanzania, 1960–75

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