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Volume 45 (2017) Contested Spaces

The world around us is shaped by historical conflict and change. Contests over identity, memory and material relations play out not only in time but also across multiple scales of space. ‘Space’ in this context can encompass geographical, social, cultural, economic, political, and religious environments; from the global to the local scale. Present-day controversies over the past are a reminder that memory itself is a site of contestation capable of producing divergent social meanings. Explorations of competitive spaces, both in the past and in the present, can provide an insight into the convergence of social and political relations within given historical moments. This year’s theme for the Melbourne Historical Journal is Contested Spaces.

Our contributors have addressed this theme in diverse ways. Their histories consider the contested political, cultural, social, and ideological spaces which mold the ways in which we view our history.



Feature Articles

Jennie Jeppesen, “‘White Slaves’ Myth and the Contested Narrative of American Slavery”

Graduate and ECR Articles

Michael Plater, “Educated Men and Wild Beasts: Jack the Ripper, Medical Science, and Degeneration in Late Victorian Culture and Society”

Rowan Light, “Destination Middle Earth: Hobbit Tourism and the Shaping of Postcolonial Spaces in Aoteroa New Zealand”

Louise Scott-Deane, “Tracing the Missing: Vera Deakin and the Australian Red Cross Wounded and Missing Bureau Inquiry”

Matthew Firth, “Integration, Assimilation, Annexation: Æthelstan and the Anglo-Saxon Hegemony in York”

Bridget Brooklyn, “Claiming ANZAC: The Battle for the Hyde Park Memorial, Sydney”

Eamonn McNamara, “The Holy Cross Dispute, 2001”

Michelle McKeogh, “Depression Era, Fremantle, 1929-31: How a Civil Movement Grew Out of the Empty Space Where Government Funding Should Have Been”

PLUS: Book Reviews 


We look forward to our readers discovering these articles, as the 2017 collective say farewell …

and welcome the new collective of 2018, who are currently beginning production of Volume 46.

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