Melbourne Historical Journal is pleased to announce the release of its 46th volume:

In Volume 46 of the Melbourne Historical Journal we asked authors to
speak to the themes of ‘Boundaries and Bodies’. Recent global trends in
historiography, as well as wider political shifts, have raised provoking
questions surrounding subjectivity, the self and belonging across (and
within) boundaries. The works included in this Volume offer new
perspectives on these questions. They both challenge what notions of
‘bodies’ and of ‘boundaries’ might mean, and examine how these two
perennially contested sites of meaning have been experienced across
continents, and across centuries. In this edition of the Melbourne Historical Journal, we have compiled an excellent array of insightful articles and book reviews from graduate students and early career researchers, each of whom have brought a unique perspective to the volume.



Anton Donohoe-Marques — Contingent Women: Gender Rearticulation
and the Australian Victory Contingent, 1946

Ingrid Schreiber — Bodies, Bodywork and the Medical Cosmologies of Early Modern Kitchen-Physic

Natasha Birimac — Breaking Down Algérie Française: Impact of Boualam as an Elite Collaborator

Nat Cutter — Turks, Moors, Deys and Kingdoms: North
African Diversity in English News before 1700

Beth Marsden — Ashley Mallett, The Boys From St Francis: Stories of the Remarkable Aboriginal Activists, Artists and Athletes who Grew up in One Seaside Home, 2018

Brendan Tam — Stuart Macintyre, Lenore Layman & Jenny
Gregory (eds): A Historian for All Seasons: Essays for Geoffrey Bolton, 2017

Nicole Davis — Charlie Ward, A Handful of Sand: The Gurindji Struggle, After the Walk-off, 2016

Jack Kirne — Joëlle Gergis, Sunburnt Country: The History and Future of Climate Change in Australia, 2018

Gretel Evans — Rebecca Jones, Slow Catastrophes: Living
with Drought in Australia, 2017 101

We look forward to our readers discovering these articles, as the 2018 collective say farewell …

and welcome the new collective of 2019, who are currently beginning production of Volume 47.

Written by mhj