The Greg Dening Memorial Prize

The Greg Dening Memorial Prize is awarded for the best graduate work in History, Classics or Archaeology. Established in 2009, the prize is offered to honour the wide-ranging contribution of Emeritus Professor Greg Dening to Melbourne Historical Journal over the years. We are delighted to be able to offer this prize, and do so with the strong support of Greg’s wife and fellow historian, Donna Merwick, and with the generous assistance of Fellows’ Group of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies.

The Greg Dening Memorial Prize is awarded to the graduate article which best engages with the broad themes and methodologies that were resonant in Greg’s own work and ideas. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Work that places a high emphasis on creativity
  • The engagement with cross-cultural history, particularly between European and Indigenous peoples
  • Work that emphasises performance and the performative nature of historical writing
  • Work that emphasises the use of metaphor
  • Interdisciplinarity, particularly between History and Anthropology
  • Work that explores an element of religious history
  • Articles that are in some way reflective in nature and, like Greg’s own work, display a sharp awareness of audience

Winners include Toby Nash (2016), Rula Paterson (2015), Marianne Schultz (2011) and Kiera Lindsey (2009).

The Fellows’ Prize

In 2011, the Fellows’ Group of the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies launched the Fellows’ Prize. The prize is offered annually as a celebration of all work published by graduates in the preceding 12 months. All MHJ articles by Melbourne University graduates will be automatically considered for the prize. The Judging Panel will assess essays against the following criteria:

  • quality of research
  • scholarship and analysis
  • writing and presentation
  • the essay’s contribution to a new understanding of history

For more information and to apply please see the Fellows’ Group Annual History Essay Prize Nomination Form (275kb pdf)