The 2011 volume of the Melbourne Historical Journal includes:

The Greg Dening 2012 Prize winner


Marianne Schultz
“The Best Entertainment of its Kind Ever Witnessed in New Zealand”: The Rev. Frederick Augustus Bennett, the Rotorua Maori Entertainers, and the story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai

Feature Articles

Andrew Turner
Reconstructing the Roman Past from Fragmented Memories: The Commentum Brunsianum and Terence

Paula Hamilton
Material Memories and the Australian Memorial Imagination

Graduate Articles

Rosemary Baird
Autobiographical Memories in the Life Histories of New Zealand Migrants to Australia

Anja Brok
Welfare in Times of War: The Royal National Relief Committee in the Netherlands, 1914-1919

Dino Hodge
The Police, the Press and Homophobia in South Australia: 1941-1991

Cindy Lane
My Head-Cook … appeared in an Evening Dress of Black Net and Silver”: (Re)viewing Colonial Western Australians Through Travellers’ Imaginings

Bronwyn Lowe
Reflections on Gender and Memory: Personal Experiences of Women of the WAAAF during the Second World War

Robert O’Shea
The Melbourne General Cemetery: The Provisionality of a Final Resting Place

Clare Slako
Running Away to Join the Chautauqua Circuits: Charles Henry Poole and Wherahiko Rawei Take New Zealand to Rural America, 1900-1930

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