The second volume in the Melbourne Historical Journal Research Series

A World Enchanted: Magic and the Margins

edited by Julie Davies and Michael Pickering

Essays in Honour of Charles Zika


This collection of essays by students, past and present, from the University of Melbourne celebrates the life and scholarly work of Professor Charles Zika. It commemorates not only his influential and pioneering academic output, but also the man himself: as supervisor, mentor and friend to students who have undertaken studies in early modern history at the University. The wide array of topics, methods and themes presented in this book reflect the broad spectrum of scholarly interests with which Professor Zika has engaged and continues to pursue: there is a strong emphasis on the cultural history of witchcraft and magic, as well as an examination of marginalised communities and their representations within contemporary societies and discourses. A World Enchanted: Magic and the Margins presents reflections of current scholars who were once students of Professor Zika as well as the work of the next generation of early modern scholars to emerge from History at the University of Melbourne.

Table of Contents

Lyndal Roper

E.J. Kent
My Introduction to an Enchanted World

Sarah Ferber
An Interview with Charles Zika

Matthew Champion
The Presence of an Absence: Jews in Late-Medieval Louvain

Charlotte Colding-Smith
The Ottoman Turk on the Margins of Sixteenth-Century Histories and Chronicles

Charlotte-Rose Millar
The Witchcraft Confederacy

Liam Connell
“Shee Should Never Enjoy Him”: Mary Hale and the Bewitching of Michael Smith, Massachusetts, 1681

Julie Davies
More Than a Mouthpiece? Joseph Glanvill and Henry More on the Nature of Spirits and Souls

Michael Pickering
The Significance of Diabolic Power in the Articulation of a Pietist Agenda in the Vampire ‘Debate’, 1732–35

A World Enchanted was launched on Friday, 31 July 2015, 4.30pm – 6.30pm, at the Woodward Conference Centre (Level 10, Law Building, 185 Pelham Street, the University of Melbourne).

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